Standing Up In Front Of God

     I had only been a Christian for a short time. I was in the first church that I became a part of after being born again (testimony here). A lot of stuff was still new to me, after being set free from the rote traditions of the Lutheran church I grew up attending. One thing that they did in this new church was to "dedicate" babies and small children. 

     Churches that do this do so because they believe "infant baptism" is a not a Biblical concept. (I agree. The Bible shows that baptism should follow a decision for Christ, not precede it: i.e. Acts 2:38,41, Acts 8:12-13,36-38, Acts 16:14-15,30-34). However, some parents want to commit their child to the Lord, and to have others stand with them, and pray, as they raise the child. At the time, this a was pretty new thing to me.
     So... a couple came forward with their son to make this commitment. The pastor asked "If anyone will commit to pray for this baby as he grows up, will you stand up?" Of course…

Seeing God When My Dad Died

     Today would have been my dad's 82nd birthday. He died just over 3 years ago on July 15, 2015. As I have been thinking about him today, I remember how thankful I was (and still am) to God for how He worked in the midst of that terribly difficult time. About a week after the funeral, I made a post to my personal social media account. At that time, I did not have this blog. Therefore, today I want to re-post what I said here. 

     I want to re-post because this blog has many readers, especially from my ministry website, who never got to read what I posted more than 3 years ago. In addition, I have new friends who didn't get to read it either. Posting here will put it out there for many years to come. So, here it is.

     This post is to tell you that if you have given your life to Christ, God is ALWAYS there for you.This is especially true in the midst of our trials. It may be difficult to see sometimes, but if you look closely, you can find Him. This is what I did in the mid…

Everyone Needs A Mentor

I first met Paul in the year 2000. I had been a Christian for about 6 years. He was the same age as my parents, and was an elder in the first church I became involved in after I became a Christian. (I didn't go to church for quite a while after I became a Christian because of my painful church past. More details in my testimony.) The first Sunday I attended this new church, I ran to the alter for prayer when the time came. As I remember, he was the one who prayed with me.

About two months later, my wife and I decided to start attending a church "small group." I didn't really know anything about what a "small group" was, but it seemed like something I should check out. It turned out that Paul was the leader of the small group we started going to. 

     There was something about Paul that drew me to him. He had a calming effect on me. He also seemed to take an interest in me. I was in the beginning of my walk with the Lord, and pretty immature, but I did have a…

What Did Jesus Do In His Free Time?

     I have often thought about this question, especially lately: "What Did Jesus Do In His Free Time?" Did He do things for "fun?" The Bible never really discusses this. I know He went to a wedding feast at least once (Jn 2:1-10), and He shared meals with people on quite a few occasions (i.e. Lk 5:27-32, Lk 7:36, Lk 19:1-9). What else could He have done? I really don't know the history of what people did for leisure in those times, but I suppose they could go for a hike, go to a lake and fish or swim, go for a horseback ride, do some gardening or wood carving, play a musical instrument, go to a play, or perhaps read a book (although I don't think there were many in those days).

     Then, I think about what we can do with our "free time," or for "fun" today. The list of things to do is almost endless. We can watch t.v., listen to music or the radio, get on the internet, go to a movie, play board games or video games, go to a ballgame, go…

A Thank You Is Great, But Encouragement Is Remembered

Yesterday, I received some wonderful encouragement on my website ( ). After reading it, I got into the shower and felt lead to write a blog about it. My original title was "A Thank You For The Thank You's," and I wrote a whole blog on that. However, after I finished, I realized I missed a BIG point. So, this here my second attempt.

     The story began a few days ago. I received the following comment from a man regarding one of the studies I wrote for the website: "Thanks for the write up. I stumbled across it as I was writing something else. I(t) saved me a good deal of time in research. Many thanks, Stone." I replied back, You're welcome. Glad I could help. Thanks for taking the time to let me know it helped."

     I am always thankful when someone takes the time to thank me for something I have written, or to let me know it has helped them, I should also add it doesn't happen very often.JesusAlive gets around several t…

A Note To "Christians" Who Hate Donald Trump

I write this just a few days after yet another famous actor spewed out his hatred of President Donald Trump at a Hollywood awards ceremony. For this speech, he received a rousing ovation from his fellow colleagues. In my lifetime, I have never seen such hatred poured out upon any President (or perhaps any person at all). We see this unrelenting hatred displayed daily on the news, on late night t.v. shows, in our newspapers, on social media, and more.

     None of this is really that surprising. However, what IS surprising is the number of people who call themselves "Christians" who are displaying this same hate. We should expect "hatred" from those who are not Christian. If a person is not a Christian, they belong to Satan (Eph 2:2)(Col 1:13)(1 Jn 5:19)(2 Tim 2:26), and Satan "is" hate. He hates God, he hates Christians, and in fact, hates everyone (see: 1 Pet 5:8, Jn 10:10, 2 Cor 4:4, Rev 12:10). In turn, those who belong to him have this same hatre…

Till Death Do Us Visit?

I woke up this morning thinking about a t.v. commercial that I saw several years ago that I think was the greatest commercial I have ever seen. I don't remember who ran the commercial, or all of the details of it, but here is what I do remember.

     In this commercial, there is an image of a very old man who is seen calling his family one by one, and asking them to come to his house for dinner on a holiday (I think Thanksgiving). One by one, you can see the family members on the other end of the phone at work and home shaking their heads "no," they just can't make it. Then, it cuts to the old man sitting at a big table eating alone on the holiday. Then, it shows the same thing happening again the following year. Then, one more year.

     The following year, around the same time, we see the family members getting a call that the old man has died. We see the family members crying and devastated. Then, it cuts to all of the family coming through the door of the ol…